Civil and industrial electrical systems

Home automation are created with Konnex ® interconnection systems and automation systems for both civil and industrial environments.

Residential automation

Construction of systems for the smart management of equipment, plants and systems such as illumination, electrical appliances, water and heating systems, automatic gates, overhead doors and gates, vehicle barriers.

For every kind of existing automation, we are able to provide our clients with the most innovative solutions in full compliance with the regulatory provisions in force, going from the consultation and design to the installation assistance and maintenance always assisting the costumer during the whole process.

Industrial automation – industrial electrical panels

Consulting and design, Commissioning & Start-up, after sale assistance and maintenance of industrial environments for;

  • Industrial Electrical Systems
  • Lighting Systems
  • Motive Power Systems
  • Motor Control Center MCC and Power Center (PWC) panels
  • HV / MV and MV / LV electrical transformer substations
  • Electrical automation panels with both wired logic and PLC
  • Systems for monitoring electrical quantities
  • BUS systems for industrial applications of building automation
  • Remote monitoring and assistance systems

Our professionalism and technical experience together with the continuous technological and legislative development allows us to offer tailored solutions to the client’s needs, creating long-lasting, collaborative and loyal partnership.

The main brands used are: Siemens, Schneider Electric, Allen-Bradley

SCADA supervision systems – Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition

Integrated management systems and automatic controls are created for the monitoring and supervision of physical systems.

They are integrated on software platforms of various third party’s equipment or machines that allow the realization, function and the management of supervision, control and telecontrol systems in just one solution.

Trained and certified personnel for the use of software like DMS8000, Simatic WINCC, RSVIEW, Movicon.

Photovoltaic systems

By taking advantage of solar energy to produce electricity using the photovoltaic effect and reducing CO2 emissions. We support the costumer from the consulting up until the complete realization of the system with an after-sale and maintenance assistance.

Possible supervision and control of the system via APP.