Fire detection, alarm and extinguishing systems

A good fire-fighting system can make a difference between a disaster and a perfectly under control situation.

Both in domestic and corporate realities for the construction of a fire-fighting system, after an initial inspection, the design of the system itself is studied along with the costumer based on different circumstances and needs with the help of our in-house team and, if needed, with the help of external specialised professionals.

We can create a traditional fire-fighting system, with smoke detectors or aspiration systems or temperature detection using optical fiber, that allows to detect the very first sings of a fire whether is smoke or fires that are still small and manageable.

The detection is integrated with either a water, foam or gas fire extinguishing system which anticipates the eventual intervention of the Fire Brigade where necessary.

The extinguishing systems with gaseous extinguishers are evaluated based on the type of place that needs to be protected and the type of materials present. Those systems ca be realized through the use of various types of gases such as; CO2, inert gas (Argon and Nitrogen), fluorinated gases (FM 200, FE 227 – FE 25, HFC-23) and Novec TM 1230.

If personnel are present within the environment to be protected all the necessary measures must be followed in order to safeguard the people by implementing an optical/acoustic alert system.

It is also possible to add to the systems previously mentioned a supervision system that efficiently and quickly allows to identify and discover the location of the event.

For the detection and extinguishing systems, we are qualified and certified with the following major brands:

Siemens, Notifier, Edwards EST-3, Securiton, Hochiki, Scame Sistemi, Honeywell, XE-1000

Cctv systems

We can develop video surveillance systems with the chance to incorporate it into the wired and wireless anti-intrusion systems by using innovative equipment that can send out audio and video signals to specific monitors and/or videorecorders thus making it possible to use remote monitoring with mobile devices too.

Anti-intrusion and alarm systems

Wired, wireless or mixed, with high or medium degree protection made according to the installation point and customer’s specific requirements.